Last Christmas … I was already bored of the song


For over 30 years I have been celebrating Christmas with Wham serving as a musical backdrop.  I’ve been listening to it for so long I remember when George Michael was straight, in fact I’m not sure I’ve recovered from his homosexuality; all those wasted teenage fantasies. Looking back the clues were all there but Wham were presented as the perfect Christmas gift and what teenage girl was going to refuse such a decorative package.

But, contrary to popular belief you actually can have too much of a good thing and as the sleigh bell intro starts my nerves start to jangle in harmony.  And it’s not just Wham is it, let us be honest we resurrect the same old Christmas tunes year after year, Slade and Wizard still on the revolving Christmas playlist which seems to feature no more than 20 songs.  Thank goodness for the timely arrival  of Mr Michael Buble who was easy on the eye and able to inject some new blood into this decrepit musical market.

To all you bands out there please start recording some decent Christmas tunes because if I have to listen to last Christmas once more it may very well be my LAST Christmas.

And just in case you’ve forgotten the video, click below for Camp Christmas Capers.


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