What’s in a name?


Since coming to UK from South Africa in 2010 I have noticed that there is a marked difference between the two countries in how we name our furry friends.  South Africans give their dogs traditional ‘dog’ names, like Bella, Patch, Spot and Lady whereas here in the UK the dogs are given human names and I wonder if this is because quite often the dog is a child substitute.   For instance on my dog walks  I have met Mavis, Duncan, Kevin, Eddie, Edith, Dave and only yesterday a very bouncy Labrador called Mabel – whose antics both infuriated and terrified my two.

My own girlies have been named after female movie icons, Betty the border collie named after Betty Grable because of her lovely long legs, both my puppy and the actress.  Then came Rita whose namesake was the indomitable Miss Hayworth, both being gorgeous red heads.

Rita at 10 weeks old.


My greyhound  had to skip the trend slightly, I wanted to called her Audrey in honour of the slim and elfin Miss Hepburn both creatures of beauty possessing swan like necks and enormous brown doe eyes, how could she not be?  Husband however put his foot down and flatly refused saying “if you think I’m running around the park shouting Audrey, Audrey come here, you are seriously mistaken, people will look at me and think I’m not right.”  There was absolutely no budging him, not even with the usual bribes, inducements offered.

In the end we settled on Holly because that was Audrey’s character name in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and as she was a rescue we had no idea how old she was when we got her but the vet reckoned she was born in the previous December.  So Holly it is, our Christmas ‘Film’ Star.

On the way home after a long walk

Whatever your furry friend is called –  we wish you all a very Happy 2017 full of walks, cuddles and that ever-growing mutual love and affection felt between a dog and its owner or as it’s know in our house; between dogs and their human slaves.


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