Getting Tired of Sleep?

Has anyone noticed that Sleep seems to be all consuming these days, it’s the hottest trending topic on social media. 

Night-night mental illness you’re so last year, right now we’re all focussed on sleep.  Articles are being published daily discussing slumber and the side effects of not having enough.  According to ‘medical research’ lack of sleep or poor sleep can lead to irritability, acne, lack of creativity, decline in organ function, loss of integrity, diabetes and Alzheimer’s – symptoms very similar to the morning after a big night on the wine!

Since depression and anxiety are a thing of the past (weren’t they such a downer) we all have something new to worry about – our sleep; not just the quantity but the quality too.  There are hundreds of apps available where you can monitor the length of your sleep stages during an evening’s shut eye, with some stages scoring higher than others.

Screen shots of sleep cycle graphs are being added to social media feeds, like Facebook wasn’t  competitive enough …

This leaves me feeling very torn.  On the one side I’m despondent that we are now so reliant on technology we believe the results of an app over what our own bodies are telling us?  But on the other hand – AT LAST, SOMETHING I CAN WIN!

I am a sleep champion, if it was an Olympic Sport I’d be getting gold for England.  I am the Moe Farrah of sleep. 

This girl also loved her sleep – check out the tongue, mine does that too!

I could sleep on a washing line if an alternative flat surface wasn’t available. Planes, trains, buses – bring it on!  After landing in New Zealand I commented to husband that the in-flight entertainment was good, he snapped back asking how would I know when I was asleep for 11 hours and he had to take the ear phones off my head and move me to stop the snoring.  Oops.

My sleep graph would be a thing of beauty.  Finally, I’d be able to compete in the social media ‘this is my life’ showreel competition.  I could be honest and a winner, (if there are any professional cyclists reading someone will need to explain this to you). My daily posts would not discuss holidays, husbands or prodigy but would detail how brilliant my sleep was, how my sleep was the best sleep ever, how I love sleep more than anything else in the whole world blah blah, you get the picture.

I could do that, or, I could just take a little nap and get over myself.

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